A key benefit of XML is that stylesheets allow the mapping of a security policy in the XMLSPIF format into a variety of different formats. These could be other XML schema instance documents, .ini files settings, Windows Registry settings (in a .reg file) or other proprietary configuration formats. publishes a number of stylesheets that may be openly used and modified. encourages supporters to supply additional stylesheets for publication. Only openly distributable and modifiable stylesheets will be published here.

Published StyleSheets

All the examples below use the example NATO policy as the basis for the transformation.

Name Description Stylesheet Example
Summary A HTML summary of the policy that is easier to read than the raw XML SPIF. stylesheet html
SMHS Branded Summary A variant of the branded summary, to show how this stylesheet may be adapted to use different branding. stylesheet html
Trustedbird Trustedbird is a project that develops new features for Mozilla Thunderbird. One of these features is the setting of a security label, which uses a XML configuration file. The following stylesheet converts from the XMLSPIF schema to the Trustedbird security label schema stylesheet xml (drop into the securityLabel folder in the profile directory)