Version 2.0 Schema Published

A new version of the XMLSPIF schema is now available. It includes new features requested by members to support their customers’ requirements. These new features include:

  • Validity periods for the whole policy and individual category values.
  • MarkingData and MarkingQualifiers for the SPIF, privacy marks and tag categories.
  • Enhanced constraints on the number of privacy marks and tags that can be selected.
  • Date format specification for category values containing a date.
  • Required categories for an equivalent policy, classification and categories to provide enhanced equivalency mappings.
  • Equivalency between tag sets, where the tag values are the same in each tag set. For example, ISO3166 country codes.
  • Fixes to the schema constraints.

Version 2.0 of the schema replaces Version 1.0 of the schema at:

The Version 2.0 schema is backwards compatible with Version 1.0. However, for those people who wish to specifically reference Version 1.0 of the schema, it is still available at: